Marketing Strategy, Project Management For Marketers, and Minidegree Overview (Review)

Marketing strategy

Marketing plays an essential role in business. The CMO of ThoughtBot began this course by going over marketing misconceptions: the goal is to trick customers, it’s all advertising, it’s a soft skill, marketing is dead, marketing works in a silo from product/sales/engineering, it’s just managing the website and Twitter account… I wrote about most of these misconceptions in my first few posts and listed them as reasons for taking this course: so I can do my best, in explanation and in action, to stop the spread of the marketing misinformation.

Project management for marketers

Project management makes things happen. Having a strategy isn’t enough — you need to be able to efficiently and effectively execute it for the vision to be worth anything. Enter project management. Although marketers may work closely with dedicated project managers for their campaigns, marketers can benefit from understanding and implementing project management best practices.

  1. Look-back. The goal is to figure out what’s working and what’s not, what can be improved, and what can be added or removed based on similar past campaigns.
  2. Deep dive. A scoring system helps prioritize campaign ideas with the right balance of ease of implementation and unique campaign aspects.
  3. OKR. Each projects gets a set of 3–4 clearly defined objectives and 1+ key results (specific measures used to track achievement of the goals)
  4. Date map. Slot the work into the team’s schedule ahead of time to set a realistic timeline.
CXL’s Sprint Presentation

Final exam & Minidegree review

The final exam showed how much the course covered and how much I’ve learned.



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Sofia Sulikowski

Sofia Sulikowski

Recent undergrad business graduate with a passion for personal growth, professional development, and tech marketing.