Optimization, Applied (Review)


This week’s learnings brought in learnings from my university classes and built on the general research, test, and optimize frameworks presented earlier in the CXL Minidegree. The more I know about a subject the more connections I find with other subjects and experiences. This week, I found links to my college introduction to graphic design class (visual hierarchy, design principles) and Eddie Shleyner’s Very Good Copy newsletter content on copywriting (goals, clarity, editing process).

Landing Page Optimization

The optimization module as a whole mixed the data & analytics section with the foundations of psychology and “why” of optimization presented earlier in the Minidegree. Although parts of the landing page optimization course felt a bit repetitive, the reminder helped build on the content from several weeks ago and apply it to a specific part of a website.

Product Messaging

This module was one of my favorites so far. I loved the format of each lesson (concept, steps, template, walk-through of how to use the template, and specific example.) I loved the continuity of using the same website (petdoors.com) at the end of each lesson. The discussion of how to quantify qualitative data was exactly what I did during my summer internship at AWS, so all the templates and best practices resonated with me. The systems and templates would have saved me hours and hours of time had I known about them sooner, but the experience of going through the process less efficiently helped me understand the value of what the instructor laid out. This course dove deep into how to discover and prioritize consumer insights, not to hand off to another team, but to write specific, strategic sales copy. Absolutely fascinating. The video lessons also had very little repetition or “extra stuff,” so I felt I was learning during every minute.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the older forms of marketing, right along with direct marketing and field marketing. So the stats on its effectiveness always surprise me. For example, on average, email drives $38 per $1 invested. Unlike other channels, email has the power of one-on-one reach, mass customization, automation, and a high engagement/conversion rate. However, it loses all of its advantages when done wrong. I was generally familiar with email best practices such as don’t buy email lists, use double opt-in, and optimize for mobile, but this course went much deeper. For example: some email platforms (encompassing 25% of all email subscribers) automatically disable images, so you need to play with the background color behind images to retain content and legibility in the event the images don’t load.



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Sofia Sulikowski

Sofia Sulikowski

Recent undergrad business graduate with a passion for personal growth, professional development, and tech marketing.