Growth Specialist Certification (Review)

Content Structure

The minidegree had 33 courses, grouped into 7 modules. The length of each course varied from 20 minutes to 13 hours, each split into shorter topic-specific video lessons. In total, the minidegree had 385 lessons. Some courses had 1-hour lessons, other were split into short 5-minute videos.


I’ve alluded to usability issues in past posts with the website on which you have to watch all the CXL videos. You need to be on your computer with a strong internet connection to be able to load and properly see the videos. The site has a dashboard section available but it never accurately tracked my progress. The course overview page showed the percentage of completed courses, but given the wide range of course lengths, it wasn’t a helpful measure of progress. I had to self-track the hours of content I got through a week to ensure I stayed on track — nothing difficult to do but it seems like something the course home should include for you.

Content outline

Out of the 33 courses, 23 of them granted certificates after passing a final exam (with a 90% or higher). That’s a lot more certificates than I can possibly add to my LinkedIn, but I found then to be helpful preparation for the cumulative final exam for the Growth Marketing Specialist certification at the end of the minidegree.


As a wrote in my last post, this course was the perfect level for me and exactly what I was looking for after finishing a university marketing major. Based on my experience with the content, I would recommend this course to:

Scholarship experience

Although stressful at times, I really enjoyed writing the weekly summaries. The deadlines kept me moving through the courses at a steady pace and encouraged me to take detailed notes for my content every week. I emailed my publicly-published posts to CXL by midnight on Sundays and received a confirmation a few days later — overall, an easy process.



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Sofia Sulikowski

Sofia Sulikowski

Recent undergrad business graduate with a passion for personal growth, professional development, and tech marketing.