Channel-Specific Growth Skills: Retention, PPC Audiences, SEO, LinkedIn Advertising, and YouTube Ads (Review)

Retention: the most underrated growth channel

Seeing retention listed as a channel surprised me. Of course retention is a key generator of business value, but I always considered it to be a goal more than a tool. I’m not sure the course convinced me on its classification as a channel, but it certainly communicated the immense value to be found in focusing on retentions strategies.

The metrics

Retention is more efficient, faster, and 7x cheaper than new user acquisition.

Value of retention

On average, 80% of a company’s revenue comes from 20% of their customers. But if you can identify the different segments of users, then you can tailor messaging to prevent churn and increase retention.


Once customers convert and become users, you have two sources of information about them.

Maximizing audiences for PPC campaigns

Similar to retention, audiences for PPC campaigns isn’t a science. This course was harder to follow without a storyline or demo connecting the different modules, but the instructors covered target audiences, retargeting, intent-based audiences, audiences in search network, funnels, and leveraging audiences to get a better return on expensive PPC marketing campaigns. Again, it all comes down to understanding your audience and leveraging each platform to reach the right people with the right messages.

SEO-driven editorial calendars

So far, I’ve loved all the content marketing modules in the minidegree. This course dove into brainstorming topics, content prioritization, and content calendars: so everything except the actual creation and publishing of the content. I appreciated the walk-through of how each step in the process is done, from seed topic generation to evaluating keywords and finding ranking gaps to fill.

LinkedIn and YouTube ads

Although each ad platform has its unique elements, these two courses started to reveal the patterns in the approach to advertisement across platforms. Both touched on the psychology behind ad creation and testing. I’ve run LinkedIn ads and watched many YouTube ads, so learning the best practices and unique benefits of each was interesting.

Looking ahead

There are three more courses left in the channel module before moving on to the growth program management and management sections. I’ve enjoyed all the connections I’ve been finding between the individual courses and look forward to zooming back out to the big picture in the upcoming weeks.



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Sofia Sulikowski

Sofia Sulikowski

Recent undergrad business graduate with a passion for personal growth, professional development, and tech marketing.