Channel-Specific Growth Skills: Public Relations, Facebook & Google Ads, and Content Strategy (Review)

Public Relations

I worked at a public relations (PR) agency while studying abroad in Sydney. I remember being shocked at the 30 minute “what is PR” introduction and following 3 months of observing what a PR agency does.

Facebook Ads

The Facebook ads module took a unique approach to paid campaigns I had never heard before: have different tiers of content for cold/warm/engaged audiences to nurture relationships through paid ads. In a way, the method pulled in a the content marketing approach. If you’re around on the internet in a relevant, helpful, non-sales-focused way, when it comes time for people to make a purchase decision related to your offering, they’ll be more likely to choose you since they’re familiar with and trust your brand.

Google Ads

Unlike most other topics in the minidegree, I have 0 hands-on experience with Google Ads. I passed the AdWords certification exam 3 years ago but never applied the concepts to a real campaign. This course taught that even the Google ads channel, which is notoriously expensive with low ROI, can be useful when you know your audience and your relationship with users. The instructor emphasized audience segmentation via search intent and matching offer “temperatures” (how close to sales CTAs they get) with the types of keywords they’re competing for.

CXL’s Channel Approach

I’m impressed by the thoughtfulness of the channel-specific modules thus far. The marketing field has a particularly high number of influencers — as in, marketers who market themselves by sharing attention-grabbing marketing tips (wow that’s a lot of marketing levels). It’s not a bad thing, but a lot of the niche’s content focuses on “hacks.” Which leads to a lot of misinformation. Rather than starting with research and understanding the nuances of different audiences, these sources know dramatic tactics will get more attention and shares.



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Sofia Sulikowski

Sofia Sulikowski

Recent undergrad business graduate with a passion for personal growth, professional development, and tech marketing.